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A suite of features to increase your matching gift revenue.

360MatchPro helps you increase matching gift revenue through a variety of features that allow your organization to automatically guide donors through the match process. Our comprehensive matching gift database is consistently updated by our full-time Atlanta-based team and includes companies that employ more than 98% of match eligible donors.

Identification Tools

Help your donors understand their matching gift eligibility through a plethora of identification methods that are easy to integrate into your existing donation process.

Embed Widget in Donation Forms

Capture matching information at the time of donation by adding 360MatchPro's matching gift widget to your existing donation forms.

Embed Widget in Confirmation pages

Easily add 360MatchPro's matching gift widget to your existing donation confirmation page and present donors with the forms, guidelines, and next steps they need to take to submit their match request.

Email Domain Identification

360MatchPro can identify matching gift eligibility based on the email address your donor uses during the online donation process.

Import bulk CSV files

Identify matching gift opportunities in your existing donor database and trigger out corresponding emails.

Automated and Targeted Donor Engagement

Engage each donor who might be eligible to get their gift matched with a robust arsenal of email-blast mechanics to follow-up and activate matching gift opportunities.


Create templates and trigger out automated emails to donors based on your organization's specific needs and messaging.

Frequency and Logic

Customize who your emails go out to, when they go out, and how often they go out.

Tracking and Metrics

Understand how your emails are performing with aggregated open rates, click rates, and delivery rates. Pull up email stats to review campaign performance.

Subscription Management

Donors have the option to unsubscribe from receiving future matching gift emails from your nonprofit.

Restriction Management

Exclude marketing to donors who won’t match to your non-profit. Target specific companies, broad categories of companies, and individual email addresses.

Donor Segmentation

Customize email rules, limits, and messaging around donation amounts and donor types (recurring or one-time).

Branding & Customization

Design all aspects of your messaging and presentation that best reflects your organization’s brand and your voice.

Your Emails, Your Domain-name

All emails will come directly from your organization, not a third party unfamiliar to your donors.

Create Emails with your Branding

Add your logo, customize button colors & email themes, header images, and overlay text to best represent your brand.

Customizable Messaging Variables

Utilize variables ranging from first name, donation amount, donation date, and more custom fields to craft a custom message within your email templates.

URL Differentiation

Set custom URLs to direct eligible and ineligible donors when they indicate they submitted their matching gift.


We’re serious about security and use the latest technology and built-in features to ensure your donors’ data and your organization’s data is safe. We also run vulnerability scans, including quarterly PCI scans.

Firewall Protection

Network traffic is monitored for policy violation and malicious activity which is dropped before reaching our services. Your data is protected with Nessus Professional & Sophos XG Firewall.

Data Encryption (AES-256)

We encrypt all sensitive donor data with AES-256 encryption in our database servers. All web traffic and donor data passed to us is done over HTTPS.

Two-Factor Login

Utilize Google's Two-Factor Authenticator to ensure secure access to you data within 360MatchPro.

Employee Login-Tracking

Create unique employee logins to track and share portal logins across your organization.

360MatchPro Dashboard


View a dashboard of aggregated matching gift metrics. Quickly and easily get a complete picture of your organization's ongoing matching gift efforts.

Sync Your Data

Utilize our APIs and integrations to sync your data from 360MatchPro to your CRM, register donations, retrieve match information, update donation records, blacklist emails, and more.

Raising more from matching gifts with 360MatchPro
  • More automation.

  • More tracking and reporting.

  • More money raised for your nonprofit.

360MatchPro Dashboard