15+ Best Employee Recognition Platforms to Empower Your Team

Effective recognition strategies motivate 80% of employees to work harder and reduce turnover rates by 31%. But even with well-planned tactics, such as corporate philanthropy or employee rewards, your strategy may lack an essential element to success: employee recognition platforms. The right tools can standardize, streamline, and enhance your employee recognition efforts. In this guide, […]

20+ Fun Remote Employee Recognition Ideas For A Happy Team

Gone are the days of high-fives in the office. Now, our workspaces stretch from kitchen tables to cozy corner cafes. But how do we say ‘thank you’ in ways that matter when our teams are scattered far and wide? Giving out the best parking spot or hosting a food truck day won’t work for people […]

Nonprofit eCards: Essential Tips for Memorable Messages

Capturing nonprofit supporters’ attention can be challenging. Even with a multichannel fundraising approach, plenty of other organizations and brands are vying for online engagement, creating competition for your nonprofit’s content. Your nonprofit needs a unique approach to online donor engagement, which is where nonprofit eCards come into play. Nonprofit eCards, also known as fundraising or […]

A Complete Roadmap to Purpose-Driven Cause Marketing

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) isn’t required from your business, but more and more of your customers and employees expect the businesses they support to contribute to social good. After all, studies show that consumers are four to six times more likely to trust, support, defend, and recommend companies that commit to a strong purpose.  Offering CSR programs like matching […]

Google Grants Eligibility: How to Check Yours & Get Started

What would your nonprofit do with a monthly stipend of $10,000 in free marketing funds? With the Google Ad Grant, part of Google’s corporate philanthropy program, eligible nonprofits can earn this amount in ad credits every month, enabling them to create keyword-targeted ad campaigns and drive traffic to their websites. 98% of searchers click a […]

Matching Gift Letters: The Nonprofit’s Guide to Raising More

When it comes to fundraising, you know that communication with your donors is key. By ensuring that they understand all of the opportunities for contributing to your mission, you can convert interest into impact. Corporate matching gifts are a powerful yet often overlooked way to secure significant funds for your nonprofit. While over 26 million individuals work for companies […]

How Donor Employer Information Boosts Fundraising + Workplace Giving

As a nonprofit (or school) fundraising professional, you surely want to raise as much revenue as possible to go toward your mission. When it comes to optimizing your organization’s supporter engagement and fundraising strategies, having access to donor employer information can play a notable role in your levels of success. But how? Here are four […]

Multi-Channel Fundraising: How to Make Your Cause Visible

Our world is inundated with information. While great for putting infinite knowledge at our fingertips, nonprofits are challenged to cut through the noise. Multi-channel fundraising, an approach that leverages a variety of communication and donation channels, is a key strategy that empowers modern fundraisers to make their voices heard. Think about it this way: with […]

Fundraising Automation for Nonprofits: How to Boost Revenue

Integrating technology into your nonprofit’s daily workflow allows you to achieve more for your mission in less time. Fundraising automation is a useful technological advancement for modern nonprofits, allowing you to free up time and resources for mission-critical activities like sending supporter communications and promoting matching gifts. However, many nonprofits continue to do manual tasks […]

Corporate Giving Programs: The Ultimate Social Impact Guide

Corporate giving programs are a structured way for businesses to give back to their community by financially supporting nonprofits. This empowers nonprofits to secure corporate support conveniently and can lead to mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and nonprofits. Whether you’re a business owner or a nonprofit professional, knowing all about corporate giving programs will set […]