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Weekly Live Trainings for 360MatchPro Clients

360MatchPro Standard Plan Onboarding and FAQ

(Every Tuesday at 1:00pm EST)

360MatchPro Overview Webinar for Clients

The purpose of this webinar is to walk you through how to fully set up your 360MatchPro account based on the six core steps:

  1. Integrating your fundraising platforms with 360MatchPro so donations begin flowing into 360MatchPro
  2. Enabling matching gift emails
  3. Adding our plugin on your organization’s website
  4. Completing the CNAME setup so emails come from your organization’s email domain
  5. Adding 3 or more users to the account
  6. Adding a logo to your organization’s emails

Best Practices to Maximize Your 360MatchPro Account

(Every Tuesday at 2:00pm EST)

Improving Your Settings within 360MatchPro

This webinar is designed for any 360MatchPro client who is fully set up and looking to maximize their account.

Our Best Practices to see a positive ROI of 20-50% increase in matching gift revenue annually will be discussed.

We’ll dive into the three approaches for managing your account moving forward:

  1. Rely on Automated Functionality to Drive Incremental Revenue with Minimal Ongoing Staff Time
  2. Automated Outreach with Proactive Staff Outreach to Top Opportunities
  3. Automated Outreach with Full Lifecycle Tracking