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360MatchPro Overview for Clients

(Every Monday at 1:00pm EST)

360MatchPro Overview Webinar for Clients

In this webinar, we’ll provide a general overview of your entire 360MatchPro account. Who should join? This will be a great webinar to have new team members join to get a better understanding of 360MatchPro and existing team members that will be logging into your 360MatchPro account consistently.

Improving Your Settings

(Every Tuesday at 1:00pm EST)

Improving Your Settings within 360MatchPro

If you’d like to learn more about each setting within 360MatchPro – this webinar is for you! We’ll provide our recommended approach for handling all of our settings in your 360MatchPro account. We’ll touch on the Email Settings, Company Exclusions, Blacklist Management, Advanced Settings, etc.

Understanding 360MatchPro Reporting

(Every Tuesday at 2:00pm EST)

Understand 360MatchPro Reporting

In this webinar, we’ll take a deeper dive into the reporting within your 360MatchPro account. If you are in charge of reporting the ROI of 360MatchPro to your team, this is the perfect webinar to join! We’ll touch on the following: Email Statistics, Plugin Usage, Match Identified number, and others.

Increasing Donor Engagement within 360MatchPro

(Every Wednesday at 1:00pm EST)

Increasing Donor Engagement

The purpose of this webinar is to provide recommendations on how to increase the percentage of donors to be highly engaged within your 360MatchPro account. We will discuss the importance of a dedicated matching gift page, customizing redirect pages, and improving your donor journey for matching gifts.

Increasing Donations within 360MatchPro

(Every Thursday at 1:00pm EST)

Increasing Donations within 360MatchPro

This webinar will walk through the importance of increasing donations within your account to ultimately increase the opportunity for more matching gift revenue. If you have questions about the data import process (manually importing historical/offline donations into 360MatchPro), then this webinar is for you!

Stewarding Donors within 360MatchPro

(Every Thursday at 2:00pm EST)

Stewarding Donors with 360MatchPro

It’s extremely important to steward your donors in the matching gift process and beyond as related to fundraising. So, this webinar will touch on how 360MatchPro can be used as a great tool to steward your donors with matching gifts and overall fundraising for your organization.