Matching Gifts: The Expert’s Guide

Matching Gift Basics

What are matching gifts?

Matching gifts are a type of corporate philanthropy that allows donors giving smaller donations the opportunity to maximize the impact of their donation on an organization.


In a matching gifts program, a company donates to a nonprofit organization in response to one of their employees giving a gift.


These gifts can range in maximum size and ratio, but many companies will match an employee’s donation at a 1:1 ratio, starting at $25.

Matching gift software can help your nonprofit maximize its matching gift strategy.

Why are matching gifts a challenge for nonprofits?

Unknown Opportunities

Identifying match-eligible donors can be tricky. Sometimes donors themselves don’t even know if they’re eligible to submit a matching gift request! Nonprofits who are unable to identify their match-eligible donors could be missing out on twice as many contributions.

Not Enough Outreach

For larger nonprofits (and even smaller organizations), automated communications can be a hassle, especially when it comes to matching gift information. Nonprofits often don’t know what messages to send to what donors at what time, leading to frustration and unmatched donations.

Lack of Insights

Let’s face it: your time is limited. You can’t realistically reach out to every donor. The key is to get actionable insights on your database. You can then allocate your time to focus on the best opportunities that can substantially grow your nonprofit’s matching gift revenue.

How do matching gifts work?

Finding matching gifts for your nonprofit is easy as soon as you know where to look.

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Finding Matching Gift Eligible Donors

Tools to identify match-eligible donors

Automated Matching Gift Software

Automated matching gift software is a type of computer program that helps nonprofits discover and communicate with donors who may be matching-gift eligible.


The automated software will determine whether or not a donor is eligible, and then reach out to the donor to encourage them to submit a matching gift request. It also keeps track of what stage in the matching gifts process a donor is, so your nonprofit can know whether or not someone needs additional follow-up.

Automated software can make finding and reaching out to matching gifts eligible donors incredibly easy.

Matching Gift Tools for Donors

Another way to help your nonprofit’s matching gift strategy is to include a software option that helps your donors determine if they’re eligible or not.


For example, a plugin (like the one shown here from Double the Donation) can be embedded anywhere on your website so that a donor can discover for themselves whether or not their employer offers a matching gift program.


Donors just type in their employer, and then the plugin searches through a database for matching gift information.

Offer your donors an easy way to find out for themselves if they're eligible to submit a matching gift request.

Why Targeted Matching Gift Identification is Important

Did you know that as many as 78% of match-eligible donors have no idea whether their company offers a matching gift program? While companies want employees to take advantage of matching gift programs, the program may only be mentioned in one email in a year and on page 37 of an employee benefit book that never gets looked at.


Thus, it falls on the shoulders of nonprofits to raise awareness among donors. But before you can do so, you have to determine who is matching gift eligible. 


It doesn’t make much sense to send out matching gift emails to all of your donors. Some of them won’t be eligible due to their company’s guidelines, and others will work for companies that don’t have matching gift programs.


Instead of wasting your time and your donors’ time, you can identify which of your donors is match-eligible, making your communications more streamlined and targeted in the long run.

Did you know that 78% of match-eligible donors have no idea whether their company offers a matching gift program?

The Six Best Ways to Identify Matching Gift Opportunities

There is a reason few organizations can answer the questions, “Do you know which of your donors are matching gift eligible but haven’t submitted matching gifts? And how much more could your organizations raise if they had submitted a match?”


Identifying match-eligible donors is tough!


There is no single method that will work all the time, every time. Instead, use a combination of six identification tactics that will help your nonprofit pin down your matching gift-eligible donors more easily.

Email Domains

Email domains are an easy indicator of donors’ matching eligibility.


For example, almost certainly works at The Home Depot (or used to, anyway) and is matching gift eligible.

Donation Forms

You can also include a matching gift field on your donation forms.


Instead of leaving an empty field, you can standardize your search options, making it easier to filter for and reach out to match-eligible donors.

Confirmation Pages

You’re likely already including a matching gift search tool on your confirmation page to provide your donors with the forms and instructions they need to submit a request. The key is to log the usage of the tool and associate the company that the donor selects with their donor record. 


Matching gift emails are a great way to promote matching gift programs to all of your donors. The key is to know which of your donors received the email, then visited your matching gift page, and ultimately which of your donors found their employer. Make sure you’re logging this identification for future outreach.

Confirmation Emails

You can feature matching gifts in all donation acknowledgement emails. Encourage your recent donors to click on a link that takes them to your dedicated matching gift page. Then, log their usage for your matching gift plugin to identify whether or not they are match-eligible. 

Bulk Screenings

Your donor database is filled with thousands or perhaps even millions of donor records. You likely have employer data for some of these donors. You can screen those records in bulk to determine which of your donors likely works for a company with a matching gift program. 

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Market Matching Gifts to Donors

Why Matching Gift Outreach is Important

Your donors want to support your organization. And they often do on a regular basis!


However, once a donation has been made, it’s easy for donors to forget about the process and go on with their day.


As a result, organizations need to encourage donors to submit matches.


Sending out regular communications about matching gift basics, deadlines, and statistics will help keep matching gift programs in the front of donor’s minds and remind them that they should submit their match requests. A tool like 360MatchPro can help you automate your communications.


Of course, you’ll want to segment and target your communications accordingly. If a donor isn’t match-eligible, it doesn’t matter how many times you send a matching gift email; they won’t be able to double their donation to your nonprofit.


However, if you can identify your matching gift-eligible donors from the beginning, you can more easily target those supporters who are willing and able to submit matching gift requests to their employers. 

7% of donors that work for companies with matching gift programs submit a request.

Opportunities for Matching Gift Outreach

Promote matching gifts as your donors contribute with 360MatchPro's company search tool.

At the Time of Donation

Your donors are most engaged when they’re making a donation.


Include a streamlined matching gift search field on the donation form so you can log matching gift eligibility in your CRM and track donors’ usage of the tool itself. 


You can also place a matching gift search tool on the confirmation screen immediately following your donation page.

Promote matching gifts by creating a dedicated page on your website.

On a Dedicated Matching Gift Page

You should maintain a page on your website with matching gift information.


This info should encourage donors to submit matching gifts and explain why they’re important to your cause. Link out to this page via your website, social media, and emails. 


When possible, track which donors are visiting the page and accessing their company’s electronic forms and instructions.

Create custom emails to promote corporate matching gift programs.

Via Email

Trigger automated matching gift messages to donors based on what you know about them.


If you know they work for a company with a matching gift program, email them the exact link to the electronic submission process along with the guidelines and instructions they need. 


If you don’t know whether they’re matching gift eligible, direct them to your dedicated matching gift page.

Use your matching gift tools to reach out to donors with the most matching gift potential.

Manual Follow-Ups

You can’t personally call every single donor, but you can point out 100 matching gift prospects and ensure that they’ve submitted their matching gift requests.


To determine your best prospects, examine donor records for supporters who you know are matching gift eligible and have identified themselves as match-eligible. 


They should also have easy-to-use electronic submission forms and make substantial donations.

Interested in growing your nonprofit's matching gift revenue?

Grow Your Matching Gift Revenue

Gain actionable insights with matching gift reports.

You can promote matching gift programs to your supporters all day long, but unless you have a way to dig into your donor database and look at the insights from your matching gift tool and your manual outreach, your communications and promotions won’t mean much.


Actionable insights will highlight new opportunities to improve your matching gift performance and enable team members to spend their time as effectively as possible. 


When you’re able to look at potential matching gift opportunities within your database, generate reports, and analyze pertinent data points, your staff is better prepared for current and future matching gift outreach and promotion.

Actionable insights will highlight new opportunities to improve your matching gift performance and enable team members to spend their time as effectively as possible.

Key Matching Gift Metrics

Around 242,000 donors don't know if they're are matching gift eligible.

Donors with unknown matching gift eligibility.

There is at least $217,000 of matching gift opportunities waiting on action from donors.

Matching gift opportunities identified and waiting on action from a donor.

Organizations have on average $68,000 worth of matching gifts that they need to verify.

Matching gifts waiting to be verified by your organization.

Of all the matching gifts submitted there is on average $48,000 that nonprofits have not yet received.

Matching gifts submitted and verified by your nonprofit but not yet received.

See How 360MatchPro Can Help!

With 360MatchPro, you can keep track of the status of matching gifts.

Waiting on Your Nonprofit

How many times has a donor submitted a match but your nonprofit hasn’t followed up in a timely manner? Don’t let these easy matching gift opportunities fall by the wayside!

New Matching Gift Opportunities

Do you know how many of your recent donors have made donations that could be matched? We track and update your organization’s match potential in real time. Drill down to learn more about each new match opportunity and instantly reach out.

Unknown Employer Opportunities

Track new donors and customize messaging to those who haven’t indicated whether they’re matching gift eligible. Then, capture employer information when they use our tools and start driving the match process.

Identified But Waiting for Donor Action

These donors are primed and waiting for a follow-up. They’re matching gift eligible but may need a little nudge. Send them an automated or personalized message to generate additional matching gift revenue.

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Interested in growing your nonprofit's matching gift revenue?