40+ Matching Gift Companies: Find Your Match Today

According to Double the Donation, 78% of match-eligible donors don’t know their company offers a matching gift program, and only 7% of donors at companies with matching gift programs actually submit a request. But many organizations and companies are exploring new ways to simplify matching and drive more corporate donations to completion⁠—including with matching gift auto-submission.

Check out the matching gift programs at these top companies.

Matching Gift CompanyMatch RatioMaximum Match AmountAuto-Submission?
HireMinds1:1Campaign Specific – Inquire with HireMindsYes! Partnership with Millie
Apex Benefits1:1$2,500Yes! Partnership with Selflessly
Netrality Data Centers1:1$10,000Yes! Partnership with Givinga
Kingsmen Software1:1Campaign Specific – Inquire with Kingsmen SoftwareYes! Partnership with Millie
Fundamental Advisors1:1$2,500Yes! Partnership with Selflessly
Wealth Advisor Growth Network1:1$5,000Yes! Partnership with Givinga
Gene B. Glick1:1$2,500Yes!
General Electric1:1$5,000No, not at this time
Apple1:1$10,000No, not at this time
1:1$10,000No, not at this time
The Home Depot1:1$3,000No, not at this time
Disney1:1$25,000No, not at this time
Coca-Cola2:1$20,000No, not at this time
BP1:1$5,000No, not at this time
Microsoft1:1$15,000No, not at this time
JPMorgan1:1$1,000No, not at this time
Verizon1:1$5,000No, not at this time
Soros Fund Management2:1$100,000No, not at this time
Johnson & Johnson2:1$20,000No, not at this time
ExxonMobil2:1$7,500No, not at this time
IBM1:1$7,500No, not at this time
State Farm1:1$3,000No, not at this time
Chevron1:1$10,000No, not at this time
Starbucks1:1$1,500No, not at this time
American Express2:1$8,000No, not at this time
Merck & Co.1:1$30,000No, not at this time
State Street Corporation1:1$10,000No, not at this time
Baxter International1:1$5,000No, not at this time
Gap Corporation1:1$10,000No, not at this time
Salesforce1:1$5,000No, not at this time
Visa1:1$5,000No, not at this time
Cisco Systems1:1$10,000No, not at this time
HP1:1$2,500No, not at this time
Dell1:1$10,000No, not at this time
Intel1:1$10,000No, not at this time
General Mills2:1$1,000No, not at this time
Motorola Solutions1:1$7,500No, not at this time
Pfizer2:1$5,000No, not at this time.
Toyota1:1$10,000No, not at this time.
Delta Air Lines1:1$5,000No, not at this time.
Levi Strauss & Co1:1$2,400No, not at this time.
AvonUp to 2:1$15,000No, not at this time.
Choice Hotels International1:1$1,500No, not at this time.
Charles Schwab Corporation1:1$1,000No, not at this time.

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