4 Corporate Giving Trends to Know for Success + Key Terms

In the dynamic world of nonprofit fundraising, corporations provide a consistent revenue stream that helps organizations achieve mission-critical revenue. However, external and internal factors impact the effectiveness of corporate giving programs. Companies and nonprofits can make the most of corporate giving no matter what happens in the economy or society at large by monitoring and acting according […]

Employee Giving Guide: How to Empower & Engage Employees

Your employees care about more than just their salaries. To stay at a company for the long haul, they need to believe in the company’s values and feel empowered to make a difference. One way you can achieve this is through corporate philanthropy initiatives. According to a recent study, 71% of employees say they consider it imperative […]

How to Improve Employee Engagement: A Complete Guide

Did you know that, according to a Gallup report, unengaged and actively disengaged employees cost companies $8.8 trillion annually? That’s 9% of the global GDP. If you’ve felt the impact of disengaged employees on your organization’s performance, now you know how essential it is to re-engage these team members. And, if your company’s employees already seem […]

6 Matching Gift Secrets From Top Peer-to-Peer Nonprofits

Looking for new ways to elevate your organization’s matching gift strategy? Worried that you might be overlooking simple methods used by the industry’s leading nonprofit fundraisers? Wondering if there are matching gift secrets that can help your team raise more while maximizing engagement with supporters? Buckle up! It’s time to explore top tips and tricks […]

Matching Gift Auto-Submission + CSR Platforms | What to Know

Corporate matching gift programs are one of the most substantial opportunities for nonprofits to leverage their relationships with individual donors and corporate partners alike. Historically, however, there have been some substantial roadblocks that keep eligible donors from taking part in the initiatives. And now, matching gift auto-submission is here to provide new and innovative solutions […]

A Complete Guide to Fundraising Automation for Nonprofits

Gone are the days of thousands of donor records sitting in a dusty filing cabinet in the backroom of your nonprofit headquarters. Most organizations are even past manually typing out and sending thank-you emails to each individual who gives to their cause. But what’s changed? Fundraising automation! Organizations everywhere are beginning to automate more and […]

How To Make CSR More Than Just a Marketing Initiative

CSR is an essential component of many business strategies. This has long been used as an impactful way for corporations to develop a positive brand image among consumers in order to drive sales. But if your company is solely utilizing CSR as a marketing tool, you’re likely missing out on a range of additional benefits […]