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15+ Best Employee Recognition Platforms to Empower Your Team

Effective recognition strategies motivate 80% of employees to work harder and reduce turnover rates by 31%. But even with well-planned tactics, such as corporate philanthropy or employee rewards, your strategy may lack an essential element to success: employee recognition platforms. The right tools can standardize, streamline, and enhance your employee recognition efforts. In this guide, […]

How Donor Employer Information Boosts Fundraising + Workplace Giving

As a nonprofit (or school) fundraising professional, you surely want to raise as much revenue as possible to go toward your mission. When it comes to optimizing your organization’s supporter engagement and fundraising strategies, having access to donor employer information can play a notable role in your levels of success. But how? Here are four […]

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Fundraising Automation for Nonprofits: How to Boost Revenue

Integrating technology into your nonprofit’s daily workflow allows you to achieve more for your mission in less time. Fundraising automation is a useful technological advancement for modern nonprofits, allowing you to free up time and resources for mission-critical activities like sending supporter communications and promoting matching gifts. However, many nonprofits continue to do manual tasks […]


Google Ad Grants Agencies: How to Pick The Best Partner

For nonprofits, Google represents an awesome marketing opportunity to grow their audiences and connect with motivated supporters. As one of the best examples of corporate philanthropy out there, Google offers free access to its Google Ads platform through the Google Ad Grant. The program requires some technical knowledge to navigate, which is why we recommend working […]

Matching Gift Eligibility: What Your Donors Should Know

A whopping 26 million individuals work for companies that offer matching gift programs. However, only 8% of donors know whether their employer offers matching gifts, their eligibility status, and how to apply for a matching gift. Information about matching gift programs is often easily accessible, but many supporters don’t know to look for it or whether doing […]

5 Trends in Corporate Philanthropy That Dictate the Future

The state of philanthropy is often difficult to measure. For instance, nonprofits in 2023 saw a 20-30% decline in donations on average. However, the amount given to nonprofits on GivingTuesday was up from the previous year, totaling $3.1 billion. With mixed signals like these, it can be difficult to know if changes in your nonprofit’s donations are reflective of […]

20+ Employee Engagement Ideas for Your Growing Business

Engaged employees are more productive, loyal, and likely to speak positively about your business to friends and family. Outside of a few highly motivated individuals, your engagement levels depend on your business and your practices for connecting with employees. Of course, it’s easy to want to engage your employees and another thing to brainstorm engagement […]