Corporate Giving Programs: The Ultimate Social Impact Guide

Corporate giving programs are a structured way for businesses to give back to their community by financially supporting nonprofits. This empowers nonprofits to secure corporate support conveniently and can lead to mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and nonprofits. Whether you’re a business owner or a nonprofit professional, knowing all about corporate giving programs will set […]

20+ Employee Engagement Ideas for Your Growing Business

Engaged employees are more productive, loyal, and likely to speak positively about your business to friends and family. Outside of a few highly motivated individuals, your engagement levels depend on your business and your practices for connecting with employees. Of course, it’s easy to want to engage your employees and another thing to brainstorm engagement […]

How to Start a Matching Gift Program in 3 Easy Steps

In an era where corporate social responsibility has become a cornerstone of successful business practices, organizations are looking for new ways to give back to the communities they serve. One powerful way to do this is to establish a matching gift program. A matching gift program allows your business to financially match employee donations to […]

15+ Powerful CSR Statistics About The Impact of Giving Back

Over the past few decades, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has catapulted into public consciousness with 70% of consumers wanting brands to take a stand on social and environmental issues. For those who are new to this concept, CSR is a business model where companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their business operations. This often includes conducting […]

Volunteering Statistics for 2024: Explore Key Insights

Volunteering takes many forms. Running a bake sale to raise money for an elementary school, planting trees in a community park with a conservation nonprofit, and caring for a neighbor with an illness are all types of volunteering. Volunteering is part of the fabric of our society, ensuring we care for our neighbors and support […]

Data Ethics and Privacy: Questions in Matching Gift Fundraising

Data is a powerful resource for making strategic decisions. This idea is evidenced by McKinsey Global Institute’s claim that organizations backed by innovative data practices are 23 times more likely to acquire donors, consumers, and other essential stakeholders. In many ways, data has been established as a new currency in an information-driven era. As increased […]

15 Inspiring Examples of Corporate Philanthropy in Action

The collaboration between the corporate sector and nonprofit organizations has never been so vital. Companies across various industries leverage their resources, expertise, and networks to make a difference. Best of all, recent research on trends shows that these programs are becoming increasingly generous, and we’re here to share some corporate philanthropy examples from real companies, […]

How to Launch a Corporate Volunteer Program Employees Love

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the positive impact it can have on their employees, communities, and overall brand reputation. Among the various avenues for CSR engagement, corporate volunteer programs have emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to contribute meaningfully to society. […]

Skills-Based Volunteering: What It Is And Why It Matters

Charitable donations, community service, and matching gifts have long been a part of the corporate philanthropy landscape. However, businesses are now tapping into their most valuable asset—their talented workforce—to drive meaningful change in communities. Skills-based volunteerism is the most rapidly growing form of philanthropy with more than 50% of companies channeling the expertise of their […]

Corporate Citizenship: A Modern Company’s Guide to Success

In today’s socially conscious world, businesses are placing an increased focus on the concerns that their employees, customers, and stakeholders have about the environment and society as a whole. According to a survey conducted by Paul Polman, 69% of U.K. employees and 66% of U.S. employees feel anxious about the future of the planet and society. […]