Employee Giving Guide: How to Empower & Engage Employees

Your employees care about more than just their salaries. To stay at a company for the long haul, they need to believe in the company’s values and feel empowered to make a difference. One way you can achieve this is through corporate philanthropy initiatives. According to a recent study, 71% of employees say they consider it imperative […]

Developing a Matching Gift Program: A How-To Guide

Tens of thousands of businesses host gift-matching programs that empower employees to support their favorite causes⁠—and get their donations matched by the corporation. If your company is not yet among the charitable-minded businesses doing so, you might be looking to get involved. And that’s where this complete guide to developing a matching gift program comes […]

Matching Gift Auto-Submission + CSR Platforms | What to Know

Corporate matching gift programs are one of the most substantial opportunities for nonprofits to leverage their relationships with individual donors and corporate partners alike. Historically, however, there have been some substantial roadblocks that keep eligible donors from taking part in the initiatives. And now, matching gift auto-submission is here to provide new and innovative solutions […]

The Workplace Giving Guide for Corporate Changemakers

Workplace giving is a popular⁠—and continuously growing⁠—initiative where corporations equip their employees to support a wide range of nonprofit causes. And in most cases, the businesses give right alongside their team members. If you’re looking to incorporate this type of philanthropy into your own business practices, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive workplace […]

How To Make CSR More Than Just a Marketing Initiative

CSR is an essential component of many business strategies. This has long been used as an impactful way for corporations to develop a positive brand image among consumers in order to drive sales. But if your company is solely utilizing CSR as a marketing tool, you’re likely missing out on a range of additional benefits […]

Small Businesses With Big Matching Gifts: Examples + Tips

When you think of top matching gift companies, your mind might be drawn to enterprise-level corporations such as Disney, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, etc. And for a good reason⁠—research shows that more than 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer matching gift programs. These corporations are well-known for their success and employ hundreds of thousands of people. But […]