How to Secure Corporate Sponsorships: Find Your Perfect Fit

Businesses everywhere devote time and energy to making a positive impact through corporate citizenship. Often, they do this by supporting nonprofits! If your organization is looking for extra support, corporate philanthropy efforts like sponsorships are a major opportunity to cash in on. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to find and […]

How to Secure Corporate Sponsorships for Your Nonprofit

It’s easier to fulfill your mission when you have multiple organizations supporting you. Giving USA reported that in 2023 alone, corporations donated $36.55 billion to nonprofits, and if your nonprofit secures a corporate sponsorship, some of that money could go to your cause! To help your nonprofit earn corporate sponsorships, this guide will explore: What are Corporate Sponsorships? […]

Nonprofit Data Collection: How to Get the Info You Need

From supporter email addresses to the number of attendees at your last event to how much you made from planned gifts last year, data dictates every part of your nonprofit’s operations and every part of your operations generates data. However, is your nonprofit collecting the right data and using it effectively? To help your nonprofit […]

Alumni Data Appends: Connect With Your University’s Donors

When it comes to alumni giving trends, donation methods like matching gifts, mobile giving, and donor-advised funds are on the rise. However, to tap into all of the ways your alumni want to give, you need data to structure your efforts. Your higher education institution likely has some data on alumni from their time as […]

Discover 20+ Top Companies That Donate to Nonprofits!

Corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are easy ways for nonprofits to earn more revenue, but many charitable organizations are unaware of just how many corporate giving opportunities are available to them. To help your nonprofit understand the scope of corporate donations, this guide will take a look at over 20 top companies that donate to […]

Email Appends: How to Unlock Focused Nonprofit Outreach

Email is the communication platform most likely to engage 48% of donors and inspire 30% to give. While the platform is a powerful resource for spurring donor response, it takes a focused strategy to ensure your emails reach the right people. That’s where email appends come in. Email appends bolster the trustworthiness of your nonprofit’s […]

Date of Birth Appends: Does Your Nonprofit Need One?

Is today your birthday? Probably not, but chances are that it’s at least a few of your donors’ birthdays! To know for sure, nonprofits can use date of birth appends. With this information, you can unlock new ways to connect with donors, improve donor relations, and even launch more fundraisers. But just what are data appends, […]

11 Top Blackbaud Integrations to Streamline Nonprofit Tasks

If your nonprofit uses Blackbaud’s wide range of product offerings, you may wonder if it’s possible to better meet your organization’s needs by customizing your current software. When it comes to connecting various software tools, this usually means implementing a custom integration. Fortunately, Blackbaud offers an array of fundraising and constituent relationship management (CRM) tools. […]

Phone Appending: The Secret to Better Marketing Results

Did you know that email marketing databases degrade by about 22.5% every year? Imagine what reaching 22.5% more donors during your next fundraising campaign could do for your cause! That’s where phone appending can help. By updating and adding phone numbers to your existing records, you can clean your data and ensure communications are successfully […]

Data Hygiene Best Practices: A Guide for Growth and Security

The cleanliness of your data can either propel your organization to new heights or leave you sifting through the digital rubble of missed opportunities. This guide to data hygiene best practices explores the importance of maintaining clean data and how to do so to improve your organization’s operations. The insights we’ll share will change your […]