Google Ad Grants Agencies: The Basics and 5 Top Options

This guide will cover the basics of Google Ad Grants agencies for nonprofit organizations.

Google has evolved over time to offer different opportunities to organizations wishing to rank highly on their search engine results pages (SERPs). One such opportunity is Google Ads, where organizations can pay for advertisements that will be shown above organic results on SERPs.

The Google Ad Grants program allows nonprofits all across the globe to make the most of Google Ads and helps them promote their cause for little to no cost.

In this guide, we’ll go over:

  • Google Ad Grants Basics
  • Google Ad Grants Agencies: FAQs
  • 5 Great Google Ad Grants Agencies

Although Google Ad Grants are relatively easy to apply for in comparison to other grants, you can still benefit from expert help. Like a traditional nonprofit grants consultant, a Google Ad Grants consultant can help by completing your Google Ad Grants application for you and by managing your ad campaign to ensure you see the highest ROI possible.

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Google Ad Grant Basics

Although Google Ad Grants may not seem very complicated, it’s still important for your nonprofit to do research and understand the program. This will help you determine if you want or need professional help for your Google Ad Grants application.

What is a Google Ad Grant?

Google Ad Grant is a grant given by Google to a qualifying nonprofit organization, providing them access to search ads for free. Google gives $10,000 in ad credits per month to nonprofits participating in the program. This benefits nonprofits by raising awareness of their cause, attracting donors, and recruiting new volunteers.

How do you get a grant for Google Ads?

Just like any other grant, in order to get a Google Ad Grant you must apply for it. The first step is to determine if your nonprofit is eligible to apply for Google Ad Grants. Your organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Registered as a charitable organization in your country.
  • Own a functional website with an SSL certificate and valuable content.
  • Agree to the Google for Nonprofits terms.
  • Follow the Google Ad Grants program policies.

Unfortunately, even if your organization does adhere to these criteria, some nonprofits are automatically ineligible to participate in the Google Ad Grants program. These types of nonprofits include

  • Government entities and organizations
  • Hospital and healthcare organizations
  • Schools, academic institutions, and universities

After you’ve determined that your nonprofit is eligible for the Google Ad Grants program, follow these steps to complete your grant application:

  1. Register for TechSoup.
  2. Sign up for Google for Nonprofits.
  3. Fill out the Google Ad Grants application.
  4. Maintain your Google Ad Grants account.

The unique part of the grant application is that it does not require a proposal, which can be time-consuming to create. This means that it’s very convenient for your nonprofit to apply to be a part of the Google Ad Grants program—if your nonprofit is eligible, take advantage of the opportunity!

Is the Google Ad Grant worth it?

When your nonprofit receives the grant, Google gives you $10,000 per month to spend on Google Ads—$120,000 a year. By using this money to your advantage, you can:

There are many benefits to participating in the Google Ad Grants program.

  • Greatly increase outreach. Since ads appear at the top of SERPs, it will be easier for your nonprofit to attract interested prospective supporters.
  • Generate awareness for your cause. Even if individuals don’t click on your ad to learn more, the increased visibility will generate brand awareness and lead to greater awareness for your cause.
  • Boost site engagement. You can analyze the data behind the clicks on your Google Ads to optimize your site and landing pages for user intent.
  • Increase online conversions. Ultimately, most nonprofits aim to convince readers to complete a desired goal. Through the Google Ad Grants program, you’ll be able to convert a larger number of interested parties into supporters, volunteers, and donors.

Google Ad Grants have a large impact on SERPs and the mission-driven space. According to Getting Attention’s Google Ad Grants impact report, Google owns over 92% of the global search engine market and processes over 3.7 billion search queries every day. 98% of searchers will click a result on page 1 of Google. These statistics demonstrate the increased value and visibility the Google Ad Grants program can afford your nonprofit.

However, these benefits can only be obtained if your nonprofit utilizes the Google Ad Grants program effectively, which can require a lot of background knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO). Google Ad Grant agencies can provide the knowledge and skills you need to make the most of your monthly ad credits, reach more new supporters, and measure your ads’ success.

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Google Ad Grants Agencies: 3 FAQs

What is a Google Ad Grants agency?

Google Ad Grants agency helps nonprofits apply for the Google Ad Grant and manages their Google Ads account after they receive the grant. These agencies consist of professionals who spend their time understanding the Google Ad Grants program, researching how the search engine works, and learning about the different tools they can use to maximize your nonprofit’s results. They take their training and knowledge and apply it by creating successful nonprofit ad campaigns.

Why should you hire a Google Ad Grants agency?

Creating a successful Google ad campaign can consist of many tasks that require prior SEO knowledge, such as optimizing your advertisements for search intent. A Google Ad Grants agency will supply that background knowledge and leverage it to create marketing campaigns that maximize your nonprofit’s impact.

There are many reasons for your nonprofit to partner with a Google Ad Grants agency.

These are some of the services a Google Ad Grants agency can perform for you:

  • Google Ad Grants application. This includes creating a Google for Nonprofits account, registering with TechSoup, installing Google Analytics, checking that you hold valid 501(c)(3) status, obtaining a valid SSL certificate for your website, and determining if you have valuable content on your website.
  • Keyword research. A Google Ad Grants agency can help you determine which keywords are associated with your cause, their search intent, and how to leverage them to maximize online conversions.
  • Ad campaign management. Ideally, you will be running multiple ad campaigns at once for greater outreach and visibility. An agency will help you keep track of all your campaigns and adjust them for better performance.
  • Optimize website content. The landing pages you choose for your ad campaign will need to be optimized to increase conversions. A Google Ad Grants agency will evaluate these landing pages and inform you of what changes need to be made to increase their efficacy.
  • Ensure compliance with Google guidelines. The Google Ad Grants program has many guidelines, and if your account doesn’t follow all of them, you risk losing access to the program. Agency professionals will consistently check your account to ensure that you meet and follow these guidelines, maintaining your status in the program.
  • Account reactivation if necessary. Although a Google Ad Grants agency should help you avoid account deactivation, Google’s guidelines are very strict and your account could get suspended or deactivated. Should this happen, the agency will help you reinstate your account.

While applying to the Google Ad Grants program may not be so complicated, remaining compliant with guidelines and using it to maximize results is more complex. By partnering with a Google Ad Grants agency, you can outsource the management and optimization of your Google Ad Grants account, allowing you to focus and dedicate your resources towards other aspects of your nonprofit to further your mission.

Tips for choosing a Google Ad Grants agency

If you’ve decided that you’d like to partner with a Google Ad Grants agency to help manage your Google Ad Grants account, make sure to choose one that complements your nonprofit’s needs and goals. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you choose your agency:

  • Determine your criteria and look for agencies that meet them. You’ll need to decide what you want out of this partnership and search for agencies that will help you meet your goals. Another common criterion nonprofits look for in agencies is a Google certification, which means that the agency’s credentials and experience have been vetted by Google. These professional agencies tend to drive higher conversion values than others.
  • Focus on Google Ad Grants. Many marketing agencies offer Google Ad grants as an extra service on top of their usual services. If you’re looking for Google Ad Grants management, explore agencies with a greater focus on Google Ad Grants.
  • Examine their offerings. Read through the services the agency offers to see if you agree with their approach. Determine what services they offer that you’re interested in, and what services you’d want but they don’t offer. Consider that some agencies are willing to provide services they don’t advertise on their website.
  • Evaluate their pricing model. Research the industry to get a good grasp of common pricing models. When you look more closely at specific agencies you’re interested in, compare their pricing models against one another to decide which is the most fair.
  • Read agency case studies, reviews, and testimonials. Taking a look at case studies will give you better insight into how the agency works and its approach to grant management. For reviews and testimonials, see what kinds of organizations the agency usually works with, and whether they were satisfied with the service they were provided.

Remember, the Google Ad Grants agency you hire will be in charge of an important part of your nonprofit’s marketing strategy. When you’ve narrowed down your list of agencies, make sure to reach out to them to determine your fit. Many agencies will do a complimentary audit of your Google Ad Grants account, which will give you an idea of what working with them will be like. You should also discuss your goals and see if they align with the agency’s proposed plan of action.

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5 Best Nonprofit Agencies

1. Getting Attention

Getting Attention deals solely with Google Ad Grants. Founded to help nonprofits succeed through effective marketing, they work closely with their clients to develop marketing strategies that maximize their clients’ impact. They provide the following services:

  • Google Ad Grants applications. Getting Attention will check your nonprofit’s eligibility for Google Ad Grants and complete the application for you.
  • Account hygiene. This agency will manage your account data by removing outdated and unnecessary information that might otherwise bog you down, and otherwise maintain your data hygiene.
  • Keyword research. You will receive regular update recommendations to your target keywords based on Getting Attention’s research.
  • Landing page relaunch. This agency will optimize your landing pages for better conversions, even from a design standpoint.
  • Campaign management. They will maintain up to five ad campaigns per month and assign you a dedicated account manager, who will monitor your campaign performance. They will also meet with you every month for a campaign health checkup.
  • Google Ad Grants reactivation. If your account lapses or is suspended, Getting Attention will get your account reactivated as soon as possible.

Reach out to Getting Attention today to learn more about their services and get a quote. Keep in mind that if you’re looking for an offering that they don’t have, they are open to discussing their experience with the services you require.

2. RKD Digital

RKD Digital is an offshoot of RKD Group, a larger nonprofit marketing agency. They are one of the largest digital divisions in the United States dedicated to the nonprofit community, and they provide digital services and technology to complement their omnichannel marketing strategies. One of RKD Digital’s offerings is Google Ad Grants management. Their services focus on:

  • Maximizing ad grant budget. RKD Digital focuses on helping nonprofits navigate the obstacles associated with Google Ad Grants, resulting in more effective use of their grant budget.
  • Campaign and ad creation. RKD Digital builds high-level campaigns that contain ad groups, keywords, and ad copy.
  • Optimizing and reporting. After campaigns are live, RKD Digital will monitor and optimize campaigns to maximize their effectiveness.

You can find plenty of examples of RKD Digital’s Google Ad Grants work with other nonprofits on their website to help you get an accurate picture of the impact RKD’s Google Ad Grants service made.

3. WebFX

WebFX offers digital marketing solutions and creates custom strategies based on their clients’ needs and goals. They have a deep understanding of the ways different marketing channels should complement each other, and their offerings include:

  • SEO audits. WebFX will review your current website pages and devise a plan for your future content, complete with a backlink strategy.
  • UX website design. This agency will either design or redesign your website to follow user experience best practices by improving its responsiveness, making it more secure, and styling it professionally.
  • Conversion rate optimization. It’s not enough to just attract visitors to your website, you must also inspire them to take action. WebFX will give your nonprofit data-driven recommendations to improve your conversion rate and increase revenue.

With over $3 billion generated in client revenue, 7.8 million leads generated, and over 1,600 business websites designed, WebFX offers more than just Google Ad Grants services, and can help you improve your entire digital marketing strategy.

4. Capacity Interactive

This agency specializes in working with arts and cultural organizations across the globe to help them build audiences, engage community, and market smarter. They are a digital marketing consulting firm whose approach is rooted in their experience with arts organizations and technical mastery of digital channels.

Aside from Google Ad Grants services, they also build content-rich websites for greater impact, and will apply SEO practices to your existing content. They will also create branded content for your social media to help your nonprofit reach your goals. These offerings will allow you to simultaneously improve your ad marketing campaigns alongside your organic SERP rankings.

5. Whole Whale

Whole Whale is dedicated to increasing nonprofit impact through data and technology. Certified by Google, they help nonprofits make the best use of their digital resources to achieve their goals. They pride themselves on a creative approach, maximizing precious resources and turning it into impact.

One of Whole Whale’s unique offerings is A/B testing, which they use to help nonprofits increase conversions like donating or registering. They will use tools like Google Optimize to test different aspects of your website, such as content, page layouts, and buttons, to help them further optimize your site. They also offer keyword optimization and data analysis services.

Detail oriented with a focus on understanding your audience, Whole Whale emphasizes reaching your target audience to maximize conversions. They also offer training for your nonprofit to help your staff members better understand data and empower them to create a positive impact on your digital marketing strategy.

Conclusion & Additional Resources

Having an impactful Google Ad Grants campaign is invaluable to your digital marketing strategy, which is why it’s worth considering partnering with a Google Ad Grants agency. Having professional help will give you access to their experience and resources, resulting in a more successful ad campaign and less work for you.

If you’d like to learn more about Google Ad Grants and Google Ad Grants agencies, take a look at these resources:

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