6 Matching Gift Secrets From Top Peer-to-Peer Nonprofits

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Matching Gift Secrets From Top Peer-to-Peer Nonprofits

Looking for new ways to elevate your organization’s matching gift strategy? Worried that you might be overlooking simple methods used by the industry’s leading nonprofit fundraisers? Wondering if there are matching gift secrets that can help your team raise more while maximizing engagement with supporters?

Buckle up! It’s time to explore top tips and tricks employed by the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Top 30⁠—the list of highest-grossing social fundraising events in a given year. We’ve pulled these matching gift practices from the Top Nonprofits’ recent research report⁠—an analysis of these organizations’ matching gift strategies⁠—and we’re here to walk you through each key item.

The matching gift secrets for fundraising success are as follows:

  1. A dedicated matching gift page can host a wealth of valuable information.
  2. The P2P donation form is an excellent opportunity to collect employment data.
  3. Providing next steps on the confirmation screen encourages immediate action.
  4. Sending matching gift emails drives matches keeps your organization at top-of-mind.
  5. The timing of your matching gift outreach matters.
  6. Technology simplifies a comprehensive matching gift strategy.

Exploring⁠ these findings⁠—and integrating associated tips into your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy⁠—will set your team up to make the most of this underutilized opportunity.

Let’s begin!

1. A dedicated matching gift page can host a wealth of valuable information.

Nearly all organizations whose practices were analyzed in the study offered a dedicated match page on their website—either within their P2P event-specific site, the parent organization’s website, or both. It’s an excellent hub of information for donors to explore in order to learn more about matching gifts and how they can get involved.

This resource might include:

  • A brief explanation of matching gifts⁠—and the tangible impact they can have on your organization⁠—to inspire participation;
  • Your embedded matching gift company search tool to make identifying program eligibility quick and easy for donors;
  • An overview of the process for those looking to get their gifts matched by their employers to simplify the experience;
  • Contact information for your nonprofit⁠—both for donors to reach out with questions and to easily access match submission requirements (mailing address and EIN are commonly requested).

Check out a few examples of this matching gift secret in action below:

2. The P2P donation form is an excellent opportunity to collect employment data.

An organization or event’s peer-to-peer giving page is a critical component of the donation experience for many supporters. Thus, it makes sense that matching gift strategies and donation forms go hand-in-hand.

Not only can this resource get the ball rolling in terms of getting donors familiar with the idea of matching gifts, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to collect much-needed employment data from donors.

How? A donation form optimized for matching gift fundraising might:

  • Include an optional field for the donor to enter their employer’s name (or even better: an auto-filling company search tool);
  • Briefly explain why the organization is requesting employment information (to identify matching gift opportunities);
  • Summarize next steps and what the donor can expect (i.e., they’ll see matching gift information on the confirmation screen, receive an email, etc.).

Check out a few examples of this matching gift secret in action below:

3. Providing next steps on the confirmation screen encourages immediate action.

After the donation form comes the confirmation screen—a (typically personalized) page that a donor is redirected to after their gift is submitted. This screen thanks the supporter for their contribution and may include recommendations for sharing their donor status on social media to spread the word.

And here’s where the secret comes in: a confirmation page is also a key opportunity for matching gift information post-transaction.

In order to drive matching gifts, your gift confirmation screen may:

  • Acknowledge and communicate gratitude for an individual’s contribution, highlighting the opportunity to amplify donation impact with matching gifts;
  • Provide company-specific matching gift eligibility criteria (minimum and maximum donation amounts, match ratios, qualifying nonprofit and employee types, etc.) relating to the employer an individual selected within the giving process;
  • Encourage donors who did not previously enter their employer’s name to select a company from the thank-you page;
  • Direct donors right to their companies’ matching gift forms and submission guidelines, offering links to online portals or downloadable materials. This empowers donors to begin the matching process immediately⁠—without ever coming down from the momentum of the initial gift.

Check out a few examples of this matching gift secret in action below:

4. Sending matching gift emails drives matches and keeps your organization at top-of-mind.

Many of the leading nonprofits will tell you that promoting matching gift opportunities with dedicated email outreach is one of the best ways to initiate their matching gift follow-up strategy. It’s another chance to engage your audience post-transaction, retaining your mission⁠—and the ways in which donors can amplify their impact—at the top of their minds for longer.

Dedicated matching gift emails should:

  • Include a matching gift-related subject line to grab the reader’s attention from their inbox;
  • Be sent from the organization’s own email domain and use consistent branding elements;
  • Overview the benefits and widespread availability of matching gift programs, and what they can offer your nonprofit in terms of fundraising and mission success;
  • Provide employer-specific eligibility insights regarding the company a donor selected within the donation form or confirmation screen;
  • Include direct links to the associated company’s matching gift forms and submission instructions and encourage donors to initiate the process with a single click;
  • Offer another opportunity for supporters to provide their employment information in a company search tool that automatically updates to your matching gift database;
  • Encourage donors to update their matching gift status as “submitted” upon completing their match form with a click of a button.

Check out a few examples of this matching gift secret in action below:

5. The timing of your matching gift outreach matters.

According to the study, another key finding in regard to optimal matching gift outreach after a donation is made has to do with the timing of your messaging. In fact, the sooner the follow-up message is triggered post-donation, the more likely it is for donors to respond actionably.

In fact, a separate study reports that sending matching gift reminder emails within 24 hours of a donation results in a 53% open rate. That’s more than 2-3 times higher than the average nonprofit email open rate!

And of the organizations included in the matching gift report that send matching gift emails post-transaction, 52% do so within 24 hours of donors first contributing.

6. Technology simplifies a comprehensive matching gift strategy.

The last matching gift secret we’ll cover is this: investing in the right technology systems is a must. If you find your organization is lacking the tools needed to employ some of the above tips and tricks (or to employ them without taking up a large chunk of your time and resources), it might be time for an upgrade.

Based on the recommended practices, your nonprofit fundraising and matching gift tech stack should:

  • Identify available matching gifts and triage donors based on likely eligibility, using multiple methods for uncovering match-eligible gifts;
  • Simplify the matching gift experience for donors with personalized guidance through the process;
  • Offer matching gift automation with customizable and timely email follow-up functionality;
  • Provide detailed and actionable data analytics that allow your team to track donors throughout the matching gift process, forecast incoming revenue, and make adjustments to your strategy over time;
  • Integrate seamlessly with the rest of your toolkit, such as your online donation forms, CRM, peer-to-peer fundraising software, and more.

On average, organizations that employed matching gift technology ranked more highly on the matching gift strategy scale than those that didn’t. And those using Double the Donation’s software scored even higher than the mean nonprofit score!

Keep these findings in mind as you analyze your organization’s existing fundraising tools and determine whether a new system is in store.

Concluding Thoughts

The Top Nonprofits report indicates that 100% of participating organizations included matching gifts in their overall fundraising in some capacity. However, even the highest-ranking teams have room for improvement in their strategies. And the importance of pursuing matching gift growth should not be overlooked.

These matching gift secrets can go a long way toward deeply integrating matching gifts into your team’s fundraising efforts.

And the best part? We don’t want them to be secrets. The more organizations⁠ that make the most of matching gift initiatives, the greater the impact that these corporate giving opportunities can have. So get started with matching gifts for your nonprofit, and be sure to spread the word about this underutilized fundraising goldmine as you go along.

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