Google Grants Eligibility: How to Check Yours & Get Started

What would your nonprofit do with a monthly stipend of $10,000 in free marketing funds? With the Google Ad Grant, part of Google’s corporate philanthropy program, eligible nonprofits can earn this amount in ad credits every month, enabling them to create keyword-targeted ad campaigns and drive traffic to their websites. 98% of searchers click a […]

Matching Gift Letters: The Nonprofit’s Guide to Raising More

When it comes to fundraising, you know that communication with your donors is key. By ensuring that they understand all of the opportunities for contributing to your mission, you can convert interest into impact. Corporate matching gifts are a powerful yet often overlooked way to secure significant funds for your nonprofit. While over 26 million individuals work for companies […]

How Donor Employer Information Boosts Fundraising + Workplace Giving

As a nonprofit (or school) fundraising professional, you surely want to raise as much revenue as possible to go toward your mission. When it comes to optimizing your organization’s supporter engagement and fundraising strategies, having access to donor employer information can play a notable role in your levels of success. But how? Here are four […]

Fundraising Automation for Nonprofits: How to Boost Revenue

Integrating technology into your nonprofit’s daily workflow allows you to achieve more for your mission in less time. Fundraising automation is a useful technological advancement for modern nonprofits, allowing you to free up time and resources for mission-critical activities like sending supporter communications and promoting matching gifts. However, many nonprofits continue to do manual tasks […]

Google Ad Grants Agencies: How to Pick The Best Partner

For nonprofits, Google represents an awesome marketing opportunity to grow their audiences and connect with motivated supporters. As one of the best examples of corporate philanthropy out there, Google offers free access to its Google Ads platform through the Google Ad Grant. The program requires some technical knowledge to navigate, which is why we recommend working […]

Hiring a Grants Consultant: How to Find the Right Fit

For nonprofits like yours, grant funding is a critical revenue source. Whether they come from government agencies, private or public foundations, or corporations, grants provide the financial flexibility you need to complete major projects and launch programs to further your mission. However, it takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to find and apply for […]

7 Canadian Companies With Matching Gift Programs to Know

If you’re searching for information on Canada matching gifts, you’ve come to the right place! As a nonprofit in the Canadian market, it can be challenging to secure corporate matching gifts from your donors’ employers. You’ll need to know which Canadian companies match donations and have a simple way to inform your donors of their eligibility. That’s […]

Matching Gift Databases: What Nonprofits Should Know in 2024

In the competitive realm of nonprofit fundraising, overlooking any revenue stream can be a critical oversight. This is particularly true for one lucrative yet often neglected area, matching gifts. Did you know that an astounding $4-7 billion in matching gift funds goes unclaimed each year? This untapped resource can transform your nonprofit, helping to propel you toward your […]

19 Matching Gift Statistics Every Nonprofit Should Know [Updated 2023]

Matching gifts can have a huge impact on your organization’s fundraising revenue. After all, corporate matching gifts can double (or even triple) a donor’s contribution. But while the decision to collect matching gifts may seem like a no-brainer, many organizations don’t pursue this form of corporate philanthropy. It’s important to educate your staff and donors […]

Top 16 Corporate Giving & Philanthropy Statistics [2023]

Corporate giving is a type of philanthropy in which corporations give to nonprofit causes, through both monetary and non-monetary contributions. However, many organizations don’t spend a lot of time pursuing this fundraising channel. That’s why it’s important to understand the impact that corporate philanthropy and workplace giving can have on nonprofits. Whether a company matches […]