Google Grants Eligibility: How to Check Yours & Get Started

Looking for ways to save room in your nonprofit’s marketing budget? Did you know that Google can help you save $10,000 on marketing every month? As part of their corporate philanthropy program, Google offers a valuable opportunity for nonprofits called the Google Ad Grant. Through this program, you can receive free monthly advertising credits to get your […]

How to Optimize Your Google Ad Grant Account in 6 Steps

You saw how valuable the Google Ad Grant could be for your nonprofit, you went through the application process, and you received the grant. Congratulations! Your nonprofit’s journey with the Google Ad Grant has just begun. Now that you have the grant, it’s time to reach wider audiences and get the right kind of attention for […]

6 Matching Gift Secrets From Top Peer-to-Peer Nonprofits

Looking for new ways to elevate your organization’s matching gift strategy? Worried that you might be overlooking simple methods used by the industry’s leading nonprofit fundraisers? Wondering if there are matching gift secrets that can help your team raise more while maximizing engagement with supporters? Buckle up! It’s time to explore top tips and tricks […]

Google Ad Grants Agencies: The Basics and 5 Top Options

Google has evolved over time to offer different opportunities to organizations wishing to rank highly on their search engine results pages (SERPs). One such opportunity is Google Ads, where organizations can pay for advertisements that will be shown above organic results on SERPs. The Google Ad Grants program allows nonprofits all across the globe to […]

Winning Workplace Giving Strategies For Nonprofits

According to corporate philanthropy studies, businesses provide over $21 billion to nonprofits each year⁠—and the number continues to grow. Much of that funding comes from a smaller subcategory of corporate philanthropy known as workplace giving strategies. As described in our previous Workplace Giving Guide for Corporate Changemakers, The most significant differentiator between workplace giving and […]

19 Matching Gift Statistics Every Nonprofit Should Know [Updated 2023]

Matching gifts can have a huge impact on your organization’s fundraising revenue. After all, corporate matching gifts can double (or even triple) a donor’s contribution. But while the decision to collect matching gifts may seem like a no-brainer, many organizations don’t pursue this form of corporate philanthropy. It’s important to educate your staff and donors […]

How to Apply for the Google Ad Grant: Basics + 4 Steps

It’s no mystery that online visibility is an efficient way to draw a crowd. NonprofitSource’s online giving statistics show that 98% of internet searchers click a result on the first page of Google search results. That means if you want your nonprofit’s website to be visited, page one is the place to be. So how […]

A Complete Guide to Fundraising Automation for Nonprofits

Gone are the days of thousands of donor records sitting in a dusty filing cabinet in the backroom of your nonprofit headquarters. Most organizations are even past manually typing out and sending thank-you emails to each individual who gives to their cause. But what’s changed? Fundraising automation! Organizations everywhere are beginning to automate more and […]

How Donor Employer Information Can Boost Your Fundraising

  As a nonprofit (or school) fundraising professional, you surely want to raise as much revenue as possible to go toward your mission. When it comes to optimizing your organization’s supporter engagement and fundraising strategies, having access to donor employer information can play a notable role in your levels of success. But how? Here are […]

Small Businesses With Big Matching Gifts: Examples + Tips

When you think of top matching gift companies, your mind might be drawn to enterprise-level corporations such as Disney, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, etc. And for a good reason⁠—research shows that more than 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer matching gift programs. These corporations are well-known for their success and employ hundreds of thousands of people. But […]